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Our goal at Online Craps is to provide you with the most comprehensive online guide to craps gambling available. Within our site, you'll learn the rules of craps, whether you wish to play this game at online casinos or at land based casinos (as the rules for craps rarely change). Also featured on our site is the history of the game, winning strategies, free craps game downloads and much more.

About Craps

Many people take one look at a craps table and immediately go somewhere else in the casino. The layout seems very complex. It's ironic because craps doesn't require a table; the game is really about the dice. That's how craps got it's though guy image. Dice are really small, even smaller than cards, and they're less cumbersome. You can carry them anywhere. For example, soldiers and sailors used to bring their dice on their boats or into the battlefields and played craps during World War II and in Korea. The game could last ten minutes or all night. Any number of people could play, and the dice (and money) could disappear in a moment if a mortal shell came arcing over or the captain suddenly walked past.

This is why so many older men love craps. Baby boomers never shared the enthusiasm and by the 1990's craps had nearly disappeared in a sea of slots and video poker; less than four percent of gamblers played dice. But an interesting trend has developed in the last few years. Men and women are rediscovering the camaraderie and visceral pleasure of a game once played by heroes in foxholes and in the shadows of tanks. Craps is making a comeback. Players are learning what their fathers and grandfathers knew before them. The game is about the dice.

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More Craps Information

Facts About Craps - A list of bulleted points outlining some key facts that you should be aware of when playing craps.

Rhythm and Superstitions - The game of craps is one with many superstitions, but unlike slots and video poker, the beliefs surrounding craps don't need to be debunked. Here you'll find a listing of common craps superstitions.

Craps Etiquette at Land Based Casinos - There's etiquette to playing craps. Many actions are purely social or superstitious in nature, but some others help ensure that the game runs smoothly and efficiently.

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